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2.26.Bradstone Carpet Stone Straight Red"Bradstone Rope Top Edging Blue".Rustic 1200 x 400 x"Black 450 x 160 x".40mm Suitable for patios paths"50mm Also available in Terracotta".and driveways Easy to cut"and Weathered Terracotta Matching Rope".out as required using just"Top Corners also available to".a pair of scissors Easy"accentuate the classic chic look".to interlock for the awkward"When laying a butt joint".and intricate areas 2 units"in direct contact no room".required per m When laying"for mortaring is recommended For".a joint width of 10"How To Lay guides please".15mm is recommended Half Circle"see our Help and Advice".also available Also available in"section Collect at Store Rope".Charcoal For How To Lay"Top garden edging represents an".guides please see our Help"elegant and attractive way to".and Advice section Collect at"define borders and flower beds".Store Recreate a little piece"If you 146 re looking".of rustic magic in your"for a formal solution for".garden with these Bradstone Carpetstones"your traditional garden Bradstone s".This unique paving solution arrives"Rope Top edging could well".already laid on a flexible"be your perfect solution FREE".mat that can be easily"delivery on orders over 50".cut making it the ideal"GBP T amp Cs apply".solution for those awkward and"".intricate garden designs FREE delivery"".on orders over 50 GBP"".T amp Cs apply"".
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Bradstone Carpet Stone Straight Red Rustic 1200 x 400 x 40mm Suitable for patios paths and driveways Easy to cut out as required using just a pair of scissors Easy to interlock for the awkward and intricate areas 2 units required per m When laying a joint width of 10 15mm is recommended Half Circle also available Also available in Charcoal For How To Lay guides please see our Help and Advice section Collect at Store Recreate a little piece of rustic magic in your garden with these Bradstone Carpetstones This unique paving solution arrives already laid on a flexible mat that can be easily cut making it the ideal solution for those awkward and intricate garden designs FREE delivery on orders over 50 GBP T amp Cs apply

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Bradstone Rope Top Edging Blue Black 450 x 160 x 50mm Also available in Terracotta and Weathered Terracotta Matching Rope Top Corners also available to accentuate the classic chic look When laying a butt joint in direct contact no room for mortaring is recommended For How To Lay guides please see our Help and Advice section Collect at Store Rope Top garden edging represents an elegant and attractive way to define borders and flower beds If you 146 re looking for a formal solution for your traditional garden Bradstone s Rope Top edging could well be your perfect solution FREE delivery on orders over 50 GBP T amp Cs apply