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7.19.Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit Articulated"Lehmann Audio Studio Cube Mounting"MiniCam DSLR Handheld Stabilizer For"DSLR Rig RL 01 original"Commlite Comstar Video System Movie"DM 04 433MHz 4 Channel"Lishuai 312AS Bi Color 3200".arm with centre lever to"Kit 3 8 Thread for"Shooting Movie Kit Type Tripod"Movie Kit Shoulder Mount for"Film Kit Video Rig with"Studio Flash Trigger Transmitter Receiver"5600K 312 LED DSLR Camera".lock all 3 movements Length"Mounting a Studio Cube to"Weight kg 1 236 Material"Canon 5D Mark2 7D Sony"Follow Focus and Matte Box"Kit 1 x 23A 12V"Camcorder Video Light Kit Black".53cm Supplied with Camera Umbrella"a Mic Stand or under"Aluminium"DSR PD198P Panasonic Type Holder"for 5D II Type Holder"Features Wired without Timer Compatible"".Bracket 143BKT Super Clamp 035"an Table colour black Dimensions""Weight kg 1 331 Material"Max Load 6 5kg Weight"Brands Universal Compatible Models Universal"".Backlite Base 003 Specifications attaches"140 x 30 x 60""Aluminium"kg 2kg Material Other Compatibility"Dimensions cm 8 5 x"".by 16mm with 1 4"mm Weight 0 22 kg"""Flash GOPRO Digital Camera"4 0 x 22 5"".female attachment attachment type attachment"Studio Recording Equipment Accessories for""""Weight kg 0 228"".top 16mm with 3 8"Studio Equipment"""""".female attachment Camera Bracket attachment""""""".type Color black length 53""""""".0 cm material aluminum safety""""""".payload 3 kg weight 2""""""".55 kg MANFROTTO 143N MAGIC""""""".ARM order code 268454 MANFROTTO""""""".003 BACKLITE BASE order code""""""".194750 MANFROTTO 035 SUPER CLAMP""""""".order code 144444 Lighting Lighting""""""".Accessories""""""".
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P & P: £7.91
at Thomann

Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit Articulated arm with centre lever to lock all 3 movements Length 53cm Supplied with Camera Umbrella Bracket 143BKT Super Clamp 035 Backlite Base 003 Specifications attaches by 16mm with 1 4 female attachment attachment type attachment top 16mm with 3 8 female attachment Camera Bracket attachment type Color black length 53 0 cm material aluminum safety payload 3 kg weight 2 55 kg MANFROTTO 143N MAGIC ARM order code 268454 MANFROTTO 003 BACKLITE BASE order code 194750 MANFROTTO 035 SUPER CLAMP order code 144444 Lighting Lighting Accessories

P & P: £7.91
at Thomann

Lehmann Audio Studio Cube Mounting Kit 3 8 Thread for Mounting a Studio Cube to a Mic Stand or under an Table colour black Dimensions 140 x 30 x 60 mm Weight 0 22 kg Studio Recording Equipment Accessories for Studio Equipment

P & P: £7.59
at LightInTheBox

MiniCam DSLR Handheld Stabilizer For Shooting Movie Kit Type Tripod Weight kg 1 236 Material Aluminium

DSLR Rig RL 01 original Movie Kit Shoulder Mount for Canon 5D Mark2 7D Sony DSR PD198P Panasonic Type Holder Weight kg 1 331 Material Aluminium

Commlite Comstar Video System Movie Film Kit Video Rig with Follow Focus and Matte Box for 5D II Type Holder Max Load 6 5kg Weight kg 2kg Material Other Compatibility Flash GOPRO Digital Camera

DM 04 433MHz 4 Channel Studio Flash Trigger Transmitter Receiver Kit 1 x 23A 12V Features Wired without Timer Compatible Brands Universal Compatible Models Universal Dimensions cm 8 5 x 4 0 x 22 5 Weight kg 0 228